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Recent Failures
Date: 12/3/11

This cable was found on a lamp donated to a charity shop. As you can see from the photo the cable has been damaged at some point and then repaired by twisting the cable back together and covering with tape. A serious potential hazard. Any strain on the wire would likely cause a short circuit or electrical arcing. If the wire became exposed there would be an electrocution hazard.

Danger Rating
Date: 15/7/2010

This plug has been damaged due to overloading causing the plug to overheat. You can see from the photo where the protective sleeve has melted from the live pin of the plug. The over heating had also caused damage to the inside of the plug. Before been removed this plug was a possible danager to any user inserting or removing it from a plug socket due to the live pin no longer having a protective sleeve.

Danger Rating
Date: 7/6/2010

This appliance had been used in a wet environment where an outdoor plug would have been best to be used. As you can see from the picture the water has caused some corrosion to occur.

Danger Rating
Date: 2/6/2010

This European > UK plug adapter doesn't support appliances requiring an earth with all the plugs it accepts. As you can see from the plug pictured the adapter doesn't have a pin to connect to the earth on the plug. If an appliance was to become faulty the risk of electric shock would be much higher.

Danger Rating
Date: 11/5/10

As you can see the earth cable is no longer connected to the earth pin of this plug. Should an electrical fault have occurred the user would no longer be protected by the earth and could suffer severe electric shock.

Danger Rating
Date: 14/4/10

This cable was found on a hotel lamp and when it had previously been damaged had been repaired and taped up with electrical tape. As you can see in the photo the live wire is only touching. This represents a danger as overheating or arcing could occur causing a fire. It also could have easily been unwrapped by a toddler

Danger Rating